Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The reconstruction continues

Here is a brief update of the progress in the shed. From about mid December the layout room became Santa's delivery centre and thus I had to pick the times that I could go out to the shed as I didn't need any lilttle helpers.

 The above picture shows Fort Edward on the left and the recently erected dividing wall. On this side of the dividing wall is just a long single track run back towards Fort Ann. My shed is about 280mm narrower than Brendan's was. Up till now all the reconstruction has everything back in exactly the same space due to the horseshoe shaped peninsula being unable to be modified. But now it's time to slim things down. Unfortunately I've had to take some width (100mm) out of the aisle along the front of Fort Edward and the remainder will come from the aisle on the other side of the new wall. I've been kicking myself ever since the builder said "are you sure you don't want to make it 500mm wider" Grrrrrr.  

 This photo shows what will become Plattsburgh along the left wall and the branch line along the right wall. That's the towns stacked up in the middle of the photo, with the branch line being on top. I really need to get some lights up in this area

And this shows the Fort Ann area. I'll re-clad both sides of the wall prior to putting any track in front of it due to the damage the occurred during the move. As the studs become exposed I'm insuring that they are as close to vertical as possible with the laser. 

Well that's it for now, thanks for stopping by.


  1. Pity Santa's elves didn't stick around to help do more work.
    Looking good thus far Chris.

  2. Thanks for the update, Chris. I was so pleased to hear that you had saved this layout from being tipped. It will be great to see it operating again, albeit under new management.
    Ron McF