Thursday, May 26, 2016

Watching paint dry

Well, it's been close to 2 months since my last update, in that time I've been filling joins and screw holes and painting, painting, painting, get the drift.
 It would have been soooooooo much quicker if I had been able to paint the room prior to all the bits being dumped in there, but time did not afford that luxury.
I had this grand idea of hiring an airless spray gun and getting it painted in a day, but after talking to a few people I realised that whilst it would be quick, I would be committed for the duration of the hire. Eventually common sense and dollars won out and it was done with a brush and roller.
As it turned out I wasn't as ready as i thought I was.I wrapped up about half the layout and made a start.
To date I've done about half the back drop and almost all of the ceiling. Now that a large amount of the wood grain has been painted over it is really starting to look like a railroad.

In the picture below the snow storm has hit and only then did I realise that i needed some trim along the top of the wall.

After applying the quad at the top of the wall I realised that I'd better do something about the square corners where the walls met before I got to far. In the picture below laminex has been bent into the corners and painted blue.

And here is the layout unwrapped.

Thanks for dropping by and having a look