Thursday, March 24, 2016

Road Bed Complete

Just a very brief update for you all.
Well, at last the reconstruction of the roadbed has been completed. It has taken far longer than I expected and has been more challenging than I expected. But it is done and it's looking really good. The shed has been cleaned up, (no more tripping over track work and towns)
So what's next? Painting, painting and more painting. i want to paint the ceiling and walls before I go to much further. So stay tuned for that, I hope you like watching paint dry!

 Here is the section that had to be added near the Rutland interchange because my shed is that little bit longer than it's previous home. It's about 90cms long. Both of the roadbeds are on a grade.

 The lead to the North staging tracks is disappearing through the wall, the South staging tracks are on the left and the bridge is located on the grade between Fort Edward and Saratoga Springs.

This section here is at the end of Saratoga Springs, all three road beds needed 28cms cut out of them and then all three of the grades needed adjusting.