Saturday, February 20, 2016

It's Getting There

Well the past month has seen some great progress made. A big thank you to Laurie Green for giving up a morning during which we placed almost all the remaining components into position. Below are some photos detailing the progress.

 In the above photo, the town on the left is Plattsburgh. Since the last update the curved wall along the rear of the town has been resheeted.  Plattsburgh has been leveled and secured into position. On the right hand side of the photo is the branch line to North Creek. It's sitting in it's approximate position, it may slide along the wall slightly depending on how my door access takes shape.

 Here is another shot of the branch line town of North Creek. In Brendan's shed his access door was where the light is shining on the wall. My access door is to the immediate right of this photo. The baseboard was cut at a join for transportation purposes but at this join is probably where some sort of lift up or drop down will be installed.

That's Plattsburgh on the right, with the branch line on the left. You can see the other section of the branch line just below the switchboard, this is where the town of Corinth is located. Along the wall under the aircon is the grade from the south staging level as well as the beginning of the branch line.

Here is the grade up from south staging and the staging bypass track. Just where the wires are hanging down I need to shorten the layout width by about 28cms. Unfortunately this means the grade is going to need some reworking. Because the grade doubles back on itself it is going to be 56cms shorter. 

The long grade from Plattsburgh up to Fort Ann has been installed and hopefully adjusted to ensure a constant climb.

In the area of Fort Ann the upper deck and the grade form north staging had to be shortened by about 14cms, you can see the section of upper deck that has been cut out. The section that was cut out of the grade was right at the end of the grade so only minor adjustments were required.

But when you cut out a section of track that is not running parallel to the edge of the baseboard you get a misalignment or a fault line.